There’s so much need it’s hard to know where to start. But that’s what we love about this ministry; we don’t put God in a box. With Him, we can do anything.
— Beth Musagala | Founder, Hope in the Land Ministries

Our projects are specifically focused on caring for and empowering people. Everything we do is rooted in love and founded on helping people take ownership of their lives and their situation. We want them to know they can live fruitful, fulfilling lives, without leaving the village, and without leaving Africa. We partner with them right where they're at and embrace their culture so they can change it from the inside.


Clean Water Wells

With the help of our incredible donors, we were able to install 3 wells and 1 water harvesting station to provide safe, clean drinking water to thousands of people in Mayuge. 

The minimum cost to install a clean water well is $10,000. We partner with the community to install each well. Once installed, the community takes care of maintaining the well. The wells are open during the day for use by anyone in the community. The 5 gallon jugs in the picture are filled 2 to 3 times per day.  

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Hospital Ministry & Blood Transfusions

Our team makes weekly visits into the Jinja Main Hospital and Children's hospital to pray for the patients and their families. We have seen tremendous healing miracles through this ministry. In several cases, we have been at the hospital just in the right time to save lives through blood transfusions. Sickle Cell Disease is believed to be a very high contributor to child mortality. Blood transfusions are administered to help make the patient well and in many cases has saved the life of the patient. A blood transfusion costs $25 US Dollars. The cost is often too high for families to pay and so patients go untreated.  

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Business Classes

These are the first women to complete our business training class. They are learning the trade of hair plaiting. The smiles on their faces portray the joy and sense of purpose they've gained from the opportunity to create a future for themselves and for their families. The cost to fund 1 business owner through the program begins at $150, and increases depending on the trade they will be learning.

Future business classes will be offered for Farming God's Way, sewing, tailoring, and animal rearing.

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Pastors Conference

Bibles are hard to come by in Africa, especially in the native tongue that the people would need them to be written in. We have heard incredible stories of how pastors become pastors in Uganda. Most of them have met Jesus at one point in their life and have known from that experience that they were called to ministry. We have organized a yearly pastors conference to teach and equip pastors on the love of the Father and the healing power of Jesus. 

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What could be better than seeing hundreds upon hundreds of salvations for the name of Jesus? How about seeing Him show up in power and with such great love that an entire community experiences thousands of miracles and incredible breakthrough? There's nothing like it. We're taking Mark 16:15-18 seriously and demonstrating the power of Jesus to a community that has never known Him before.

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Investing in Future Generations

We're investing in the future generations of Uganda. These children will be the ones to affect the greatest change in the nation. We support families by helping with school supplies, clothing, and school fees to keep their children in school. We also help parents find solutions to their financial and economic challenges so that they can keep their children in their own care, rather than having to give them up for adoption.