In 2004, Hope in the Land was just an idea. Today, thousands upon thousands of people are being impacted in Uganda. 


Our Mission

Hope in the Land is taking a stand against human suffering in Uganda. Our mission is to come along side a culture of beautiful people and offer hope. We provide the necessary means to get healthy and stay healthy, to live a life filled with happiness and freedom from spiritual bondage, and to overcome economic hardship and poverty. The country doesn't need another organization to provide a hand-out, they need a group of people to love them and show them a better way of life. That's where we come in.

Meet John & Beth

John, a native Ugandan, knew all of his life that he needed to do something for his people. Growing up, like so many in Africa, his family encountered unfathomable challenges. He saw two generations of parents and grandparents wiped away by the war, and another after that lost to HIV and Aids. It would have been the next generation to run the nation. He knew the call on his life was to bring change to his home country. In the late 90's/early 2000's, John worked for an NGO completing several outreach projects to rural villages in Uganda. The NGO eventually pulled out because their vehicles continued to break down from hazardous road conditions. John then moved to the US and spent 8 years raising funds for ministry projects in Uganda. He knew he would be one of the few that would return to his home country.

Beth grew up in Indiana and began to get involved with missions in college. It was then that she knew she was called to the missions field. While all of her trips were to South and Central America, she knew she would end up in Africa somewhere. She even took Swahili for fun in college because she was so sure of her destiny. She never expected to marry someone from Africa and she didn’t know what country she would end up in, but she did know it would be Africa. She met John in 2003 and learned of his heart to return to his home country. It was then that they knew they were called to full time ministry together. After they were engaged in 2004, they visited Uganda to meet his family. It was Beth's first opportunity to experience the culture. They started Hope in the Land Ministries in 2004 and were married in 2005. 

Our biggest heart’s desire is to see people have a love encounter with Jesus. That they would know it’s His hand and His heart at work in this place.
— Beth Musagala | Founder, Hope in the Land Ministries

Our Projects

Our projects are focused on the physical, spiritual, and economic needs of the people of Uganda. Specifically, we are working within the city of Jinja and the village of Mayuge. Jinja doesn't experience the level of hardship that you will see in Mayuge, but the standard of living there is still well below what we would consider poverty in the U.S. Mayuge is a rural village, roughly a two-and-a-half hour drive from Jinja due to road conditions. When you visit, the experience is like taking a trip back in time hundreds of years. They don't have access to running water, which means no sewage, nor do they have access to medical care or supplies. Their time is consumed by providing for their absolute most basic needs to survive.

It's impossible to visit these cities, and only see one tiny subset of a problem that needs to be solved. The level of need in the country is completely overwhelming. We take a holistic approach to solving fundamental problems so that the community can then build solutions on top of solutions.

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What We've Achieved

Here are some of the projects that we've accomplished so far. They're only a fraction of what need to be done, but have already made significant impact.

  • Installed 3 clean water wells and 1 water harvesting station.
  • Distributed mosquito nets to protect against Malaria, Yellow Fever, and other vector-borne diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • Funded blood transfusions necessary to save the lives of children suffering from Malaria and sickle cell disease.
  • Established a business school to train men and women to become business owners in hair plaiting, farming, sewing, tailoring, and animal rearing.
  • Distributed food, clothing, school supplies, dishes, and utensils for men, women, and children in the village.
  • Prayed for thousands of people, resulting in incredible healing miracles and salvations.